Tips for Presenters

Tips for New Presenters

If this is your first year being an Art Lit presenter, never fear… help is always available.  If you’re concerned about the presentation, I suggest you do the following:

  • Visit another classroom where a presentation is being made.  You can always check with me since I will be doing multiple classrooms!
  • Actually DO the projects with your kids beforehand so you know how they work.
  • Check this website for tips on specific projects.  I’m going to do the projects immediately and will post any insights I have into making your presentation and project go smoothly.
  • It really helps to have an assistant.  Trust me, I know this isn’t always possible, but if you know any parents who would be willing to lend an extra set of hands, enlist their help!

Things I Wish I Would Have Known Starting Out

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to the classroom.  Ask the teacher in advance if this is indeed okay.  No doubt about it, there’s set up.  You want to make sure the Power Point Presentation is all loaded and ready to go.  Plus, you will need to organize and pass out your project supplies. 
  • Set the ground rules day one. 

2 thoughts on “Tips for Presenters

  1. So today was my first Art Lit presentation and it went well, the kids really enjoyed using pastels and making different color combinations on each picture in the grid. This was a first grade class and they all choose the ice cream, and soup cans, one boy picked Harry Potter but it was very challenging to get details with pastels ( also on soup can words) so we used color pencil for details. That worked well.
    The only problem was that some of the kids broke and mixed up the pastels, so I may try more of the Micheals brand of pastels, they are a bit more sturdy I think, a little less authentic though.
    It really was fun and they really did create a great piece of Art!!

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