Salvador Dali

The projects are collages in which children create dreamlike compositions using pictures we have precut from magazines. The idea is to explore Surrealism :
“An artistic movement dedicated to expressing the imagination as revealed in dreams, free of the conscious control of reason and convention.”

Here are some examples of the kinds of collages the students might come up with!

Made with black cardstock paper

Made with the black cardstock paper

Made with the white paper and painted with watercolors

Made with white paper that's been painted with watercolors

White paper with watercolors

White paper with watercolors

White paper with watercolors

Hi guys!  As you all know by now I’m a little behind the curve from a recent injury that hadme going under the knife for a knee surgery last week.  But, forward we must go.  We are going to be forgoing having a formal meeting this month as a result.  The Dali project is going to be very simple.  We are going to be doing a surrealistic collage in Dali style.  I’ve found a video I love and adore.  Instead of focusing on the power point, I truly believe this video will be more beneficial and a better learning tool for all.  It’s a great video called “Get Surreal with Salvador Dali”  from the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg Florida.  I suggest you show the video then get down to work on the collage.  I added the Power Point in case you DO want to use it in addition to the video and for additional information on this artist.  I will email the Power Point and the link to the video to all the teachers so you can have both.  Personally, I feel the video alone will suffice.  It’s up to you and how much time you have, however.

We’ve been collecting magazines for the project.  Kathleena has already done hers and said it was GREAT and the kids had a blast.  All you’ll need is the paper we’ve supplied, the glue sticks, scissors and pictures the kids will cut out from the magazines OR some of the pre-cut images we’re providing.  We’re also cutting out fun shapes, like clouds and random colorful shapes to fill in any blank space.

As an option and if you have time, you can allow the kids to fill in the blank spots on the collage with watercolors.  This should only be done if you’ve used the white paper.  You can also choose to fill in the blank space with the colorful construction paper cutouts.  If you choose the black paper, you won’t need or want to paint the background.  The ones with the black paper look great all on their own!  See the examples the kids, Kathleena and I have made above for examples.

There are watercolors and brushes on the cart.  This might be a good activity for the kids who finish their collages early.

We are going to be pre-cutting out some images from magazines for the kids to use.  This would be especially useful for the younger kids who may spend way too much time choosing and cutting images.  It’s up to you, of course.  They can cut their own images…  Or, if you’re really into it, you can precut some images from the magazines we have in the Art Lit magazine box in the office.

Please go watch this video now so you can grasp what we’re trying to share about this great artist.  I will send it to all the teachers so you can play it in the classrooms:

Get Surreal Video- Salvador Dali

If you choose to not precut the images, please note this recommended time frame:

  • 10 minutes for video
  • 15 minutes for cutting the pictures
  • 30 minutes for arranging and gluing the collage
  • Any extra time for painting (optional)

Attention all 4th grade presenters:  4th graders will be displaying their Salvador Dali collages at the Art Fair.  So, if you are a presenter for this grade, have the teacher set aside the work please!

Kathleena’s notes:

I spent several hours going thru (and cutting out) a variety of magazines to get a good choice of pics to use. Travel mags are great for the large main backdrops like buildings, trees, beaches,etc

Then I got lots of smaller things like American girl catalog has great miniature everything, car and bike mags or catalogs are great, nature and gardening mags etc…

I found when my son and I did our trial collage that we wanted some spots to have elements that we couldn’t find so I got some colored paper and cut some basic shapes to integrate, a blue river shaped piece, circles, rectangles, green leafs.
Soo I saw he had a lot of room still on his paper and I offered watercolor to fill in, it really looked great, but you don’t want to get it on the magazine pics or it will ruin it, I think you could just do them on black paper if you want to skip this step.
At school with 1st graders:
I used one table to lay out all the large cut pieces and used box lids with the smaller pieces at another table. I had each group of kids first choose two of the med/ large pics to start with then go to find lots of smaller images to overlay. I did set up watercolor to fill in and some did choose to use it. It went really well and they all finished before our time was up!
I will have gluesticks , background paper , watercolor and brushes if you want to use that on the Art Cart.

There are sample collages on the cart as well.

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