Andy Warhol Project

As I’ve mentioned, this is going to be a fun year.  We have some really cool artists for the 2011-2012 school year.  We are beginning with the king of pop art:  Andy Warhol!   Just think Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Soup Cans bursting with color.  Our first project will be using four grids with repeating images the kids will either draw or simply color.  This project will begin anytime after 11/1/11.  It would be best if it were completed before Christmas break.

Andy Warhol was responsible for the infamous "15 minutes of fame" quote...


Direction for Andy Warhol Project:

This project is easy peasy!  However, I’ve made it so that you can tweek its complexity level depending upon the kids’ ages/grade you’re working with. 

The Campbell’s soup cans serve as the inspiration for the project.  Please see the picture gallery for the templates from which you can choose.

The students will be colorizing their images in Warhol pop art style.  They will be using pastels for this project.  Take a look at the soup cans to see how he uses color.  Each of the four cans uses 2 or 3 colors to make it pop.  But, when set side by side, the colors are harmonious and although bright, they complement one another.  I know the kids will want to go nuts with the colors and that’s okay… but try to steer the students towards only using 8 or so colors, so 2 per quadrant.

The project has the following options:

  1. They can choose the blank template and make their own four drawings.  Yes, they can be different, but Warhol emphasized repetition and pattern for this type of piece.  If they choose to make different drawings, see if they can stick to a theme like:  animals, food, people, etc…  Encourage them to draw something simple, like a butterfly, for example.  The drawing(s) shouldn’t be too detailed or they’re hard to color in.  This project is better for the older kids, like the 4th and 5th graders.  But, beware if your teacher hasn’t allocated much time for the project!  Drawing AND coloring will take a while.
  2. They can choose the blank soup cans and have fun creating their own labels.  Warhol had a very whimsical sense on humor, so let the kids have fun with their cans of soup.  Here’s an example:
Let the kids be create with their labels!


3.  They can choose from a pre-illusrated template.  All they need to do is color it in with the pastels with a keen eye on varying color.

When their pictures are all colored in, they will need to affix them to the provided black construction paper.  Make sure each student signs his or her name to their art!  Normally they’d sign the back of their piece, but since we’re using black construction paper for the backing, just have them sign their work on the bottom.


2 thoughts on “Andy Warhol Project

    • Oh… he he he! It was fun, I love doing stuff like this. I do hope it will turn out to be as useful as enjoyable, too! Thanks for commenting.

      What’s up with the time stamps, anyway? Hmmm… must fix!

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