Yay! Successful First Meeting…

What a fantastic turnout for the first meeting!  I was thrilled to see so many faces, some I know and others I’m meeting for the first time.  Thank you all for coming and sorry about the small room with the limited seating.  Oh well, it was cozy, right?  Anyway, from here on we will be meeting in our cool new room Mr. Robson has dedicated to us… on the stage in the cafeteria.  The next meeting will be sometime in December, I will let you all know the day and time.

A HUGE thank you to Marea P. for volunteering to do the silent auction project.  Bless you, Marea!  Again, we don’t know the exact date for the auction, but based on history it should be sometime in April.

Kathleena is out gathering the pastels, black paper backing and glue sticks for the Warhol project.  Thanks, Kathleena.  We will have the cart all ready to go by November 1st, so you can begin the projects on that date. 

I am planning on using a new Gmail account I set up specifically for Art Lit.  Instead of having all your messages coming into my home account (where they get buried under loads of junk mail), I will be using this account to communicate with you:  templetonartlit@gmail.com

If you have a Gmail account, please send me your gmail address so I can invite you into the online calendar.  If not, as I said it’s easy to set one up.  If not, just email me your dates and I will take care of it.

Alrighty then!  Thanks again o everyone for participating in this fun and important part of our children’s education.  Have fun!




Hello Art Lit Volunteers!

Welcome to my very unimpresssive blog…  Anyway, nothing fancy here, just a place to disperse information about Templeton’s Art Lit program.

Please note out first meeting on Andy Warhol is scheduled for this Tuesday, October 25th from noon to 1:30 in the conference room off the teacher’s lounge.  I will either put a note on the door or be in the hall so you know where to go.  I am not sure what the room number is.  Sorry!  Anyway, Kathleena and I look forward to seeing you all and meeting those of you we’ve yet to meet.

Sincerely, Laura